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"The Channel" How To (2)

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Step 4
The triangles which have the largest width nearest to the circle and the point is on the hairline. Theses pieces of hair you wrap around the bun of your original circle section.
The Channel cutting technique - step 4 The Channel cutting technique - step 5
Step 5
The rest of the triangles i.e. the ones with the point nearest to centre circle section, and the biggest width around the hairline, these sections you wrap on itself and on the hairline.
Step 6
Now you will have alternative clips in the haircut around the bottom and the top.
The Channel cutting technique - step 6 The Channel cutting technique - step 7
Step 7
Take down alternating sections which consist of the triangle sections that have there wide point at the crown. These will become the shorter areas in the internal shape.
Step 8
Begin the first section in the central back area.
Please note: Measure the initial section using the comb, then use this as a guide for subsequent sections to maintain the same length on the internal shape. The section is elevated up with the fingers angled to create a shorter-to-longer effect through the perimeter.
The Channel cutting technique - step 8 The Channel cutting technique - step 9
Step 9
Repeat this process, using the comb as a guide with the same elevation and overdirection as you work the alternating sections.
Step 10
Please note to take extra care in the side areas, over-directing a little more to accommodate the weaker area around the hairline behind the ear. Continue with this process until you complete all the alternated sections up to the fringe.
The Channel cutting technique - step 10 The Channel cutting technique - step 11
Step 11
Please note, you should reduce the elevation as you work towards the front, with fingers less angled and more square to accommodate the head shape. The internal shape at the front will have a shorter and more defined edge.
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