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Basic Concave Layer How To (2)

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Step 4
Return to your initial side and cut the next section using the previous section as a guide. Again, use over-direction and elevation and pay attention to the angle of your fingers.
basic concave layer - step 4 basic concave layer - step 5
Step 5
Then cut the second section on the other side.
Step 6
Continue with this alternating pattern until you reach the back. Working with alternating sections ensures accuracy of technique.
Please note as Stacey works behind the ear the section lengthens to include the back hairline.
basic concave layer - step 6 basic concave layer - step 7
Step 7
Please note that the sections from the front through the side are diagonal and curved into the nape area.
These sections will become more vertical as you work into the back.
Step 8
Please note that as you move around the head, your angle is reflective of head shape.
Notice how Stacey also decides to divide his longer sections for ease and accuracy.
basic concave layer - step 8 basic concave layer - step 9
Step 9
Remember to constantly check and refine the balance.
Step 10
Just before the final section in the back, you should cross check your work.
basic concave layer - step 10 basic concave layer - step 11
Step 11
Next, cut the final two sections in the back on both sides.
Notice Stacey's elevation and over direction in the bottom part of the section is severe to maintain length. This ensures that the concave shape pivots from a shorter point in the front to a longer point in the crown. This guarantees the outline lengths remain long.
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