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A-Line Bob - How To (4)

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Step 18
Now work in the top area taking curved sections from the front parting working towards the back. Working from front to back allows for natural movement in the hair. Remember to always follow your guide. Pay special attention to being consistent in your over-direction, elevation, finger and body position.
A-line bob - step 18 A-line bob - step 19
Step 19
Continue to take curved parallel sections, again keeping your focus on elevation and over direction.
Step 20
Now work 2/3 section then move to work on the lower side of the parting. Notice on the heavy side of the fringe the fingers point away from the head, but on the lower side the fingers need to point in towards the head to maintain length.
A-line bob - step 20 A-line bob - step 21
Step 21
After the lower side has been completed return to work on the heavy side of the parting using the same pattern.
Step 22
In the crown area cut your section to where it naturally falls which you will later refine once dry.
A-line bob - step 22 A-line bob - step 23
Step 23
This hairstyle can be worn textured or smooth, but it is a good idea to blow-dry and iron in order to refine and check the work as this will give the haircut a lasting quality.
A-line bob - finished hairstyle
A reflection on the timeless A-line shape wrapped in a radiant blanket of pure colour - sheer brilliant technique.
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