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Side View with Textured Fringe

Seen from the side the extent of the gradual lengthening from back towards the front becomes very evident. Subtlety is overrated, who needs it when men can have radical chic like this?!
Texture galore and a balanced, perfect hairstyle are the new accessories for men who care about their appearance and who don't want to fade into the crowd. This haircut combines several classic elements but exaggerates them to create this rebellious and rather sexy flair.
The products he used give the hair a strong but flexible hold and a matte sheen since a wet look is not always desired. There are so many great products for men's hair on the market today, that there is no more excuse to not have cool hair with great styling. Go for it boys!
Collection: Hair Fashion Spring-Summer
Photographer: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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