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Exposing One Ear

Layers of hair and color turn this short hairstyle into a piece of cubist art. Using hair as a building material for a three dimensional sculpture does not result in a low maintenance hairstyle, but into one that will definitely turn some heads.
The hair is cut with slightly jagged edges, in a curved line around the head, one side covering the ear, the other side exposing half of it.

The side partition lets the fringe open like a stage curtain, revealing a very short fringe underneath that was cut into a precise curved line covering the width of the forehead. To enhance the effect the lower portion of the hair was died in a deep raven tone, ingeniously contrasting the fiery red top part.
short hairstyle covering only one of the ears
Collection: Versatility
Hairstyles: EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas Artistic Team
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