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Springy Curls

Another example of full-volume styling, this look builds on a lightly layered cut with a short layering zone. The result is a wedge-shaped silhouette that is crowned by a smoothly-parted plateau. The creation of this hairstyle involves wrapping the lower portions of the hair using small-to-medium rollers in order to maximize the volume and curl in the hair.
The hair should be wrapped using a firm-hold styling gel for strong, springy curls and once set, the curls are combed out with a wide-tooth comb or a pick, and backcombed to add volume and create the wedge shape. The top section of the hair which was left out of the wrapping process can be parted along the left side and smoothed across the top of the curls. The ends of these portions of hair should be curled using a heated iron to mimic the roller set curls and blend the ends into the style.
The accent curl that is shown spilling forward across the model's shoulder is most-likely an extension piece that was attached at a lower point on the head, and curled using a waving iron. A light misting of hairspray can be used with a gentle patting and scrunching technique to redefine the curls and give a long-lasting hold.
Collection: Bare Essentials
Hair: Rebecca Dickinson at Vanilla Rooms, Doncaster
Styling: Vanilla Rooms Artistic Team
Make-up: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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