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Swept Up Fringe Area

Let's start with a medium to short length layered haircut in a dark-golden blonde with pale highlights. The hair is then styled using rollers in decreasing size from the top of the head to the lower perimeter. The rollers are placed for maximum lift from the scalp area.
Once set, the curls are combed out lightly and the arrangement of the hairstyle is begun. This consists of directing the left side of the head upward to wrap over the top into a pseudo-roll and add its fullness into the large curls at the top section.
The fringe area is swept up and back in a large loop and the right side is backcombed lightly and forms an outward angle. The hair can be misted with hairspray and lightly scrunched to create definition in the curls and add stability to the style.
Collection: Bare Essentials
Hair: Rebecca Dickinson at Vanilla Rooms, Doncaster
Styling: Vanilla Rooms Artistic Team
Make-up: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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