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Asymmetrical Up-Style

This asymmetrical up-style is crafted from a head of long, straight hair cut into a simple textured cut with minimal layering. The hair is blown straight with an emphasis on smoothness and then passed through a flat iron to give a glossy finish. Use a firm-hold styling product and smoothing serum to give the hair structure and long-lasting style results.
The forward portions of the top and side sections are separated from the remaining hair and the rear portions of these sections, along with the nape and crown, are drawn loosely to the right-rear oblique and wound into a smooth roll.
Once the roll is complete, the forward portions that were isolated before are divided into three sections and smoothed into sweeping accents which are affixed to the roll of hair above and below it as shown. The remaining portion on the left side is plied with hairspray and ironed to create a firm accent with a bend as a design element.
Collection: Bare Essentials
Hair: Rebecca Dickinson at Vanilla Rooms, Doncaster
Styling: Vanilla Rooms Artistic Team
Make-up: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles