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Fall of Coppery Coils

To look upon this image is to imagine perhaps the face in the marble freed by the artist Pygmalion and brought to life by the prayers to Aphrodite, for not even the fair Galatea, with whom Pygmalion, her creator, fell in love, could have been lovelier, or more lovingly crafted.

The hairstyle here is proof that careful craftsmanship leads to perfection as the ruby-toned tresses are drawn carefully to the top and crown of the head and sculpted into a fall of coppery coils to frame the cool gray eyes and add a rosy blush to the porcelain skin.
The curl could be crafted in different ways, with the more likely being the use of spiral wrapping tools in a wet set with a firm hold product for a long-lasting result. In this event the drawing of the hair to the upper areas of the skull could be accomplished after the curl is set with less concern over losing the integrity of the curl.
Otherwise, the hair could be curled through the use of a curling wand and the hair is formed into the shape desired. The benefit of the latter method is that the curl can be more easily targeted. If both methods are viable for the situation, a combination would be acceptable.
Use a light misting of hairspray to add definition, reduce frizz and increase the longevity of the style.
curled hair
Collection: Unleashed
Hair: Asif Yvette Artistic Team
Make-up: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
Art Direction: Richard Miles
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