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Circle-Cut Bob

While all around the last vestiges of the old way are fading and the new age is beginning to emerge, young women were seeing their skirts grow shorter and their heels getting longer. This new "Modernistic" or "Mod" style embodied the ideals of new looks, new hairstyles and a rejection of the old, uninspired styles of the earlier generations.
And now that the original Mod movement has come and gone some forty years past, we see a re-emergence of "Mod" in fashion and hair.

This circle-cut bob is a classically-inspired mod cut. The cleanly-defined perimeter is smoothly contoured and razor-softened at the ends. The hair is blown-out for straightness and smoothness, in order to form the gentle curved shape.
A light hold styling product will give the hair hold and volume enough to shape the hair. A light misting of hairspray will give the finished hairstyle hold, while maintaining the softness.
Collection: Unleashed
Hair: Asif Yvette Artistic Team
Make-up: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
Art Direction: Richard Miles
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