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Cascades of Golden Tendrils

She likes things that dangle. She likes the weight of them, the way they tug at the muscles of her neck, and the way they feel on her skin as they brush by in their swinging arc. Our playful girl here is used to getting her way. Her dresses are small and her jewels are big, and her hair is however she feels at the moment. For now, it is a blend of control and frivolity.

The hair is parted left of center and divided - smoothed carefully to points above the ears on either side of the head and gathered there. The loose ends are curled and ruffed into cascades of golden tendrils. They are sprays of golden threads that dangle and catch the light in their shimmering strands.
If you start from the base styling of the previous hairstyle, and part the hair as described, you'll be able to craft the two tails as desired. Use a dab of smoothing serum to define the tendrils as needed.
Collection: Unleashed
Hair: Asif Yvette Artistic Team
Make-up: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
Art Direction: Richard Miles
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