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Full-Volume Hairstyle with Curls

Arctic winds blow and their icy fingers claw at the very warmth of your soul. Yet you are snug and warm in a hood of fur, as the layers of natural fibers both block the life-stealing chill and gently cradle your body's own warmth close to your skin.

The full-volume hairstyle seen here is constructed of a layered cut and the hair is curled and combed to build out these layers in an imitation of the snug halo of fur that protects the bravest from the frozen wastes.
Hair that falls to the middle of the back is wound carefully onto slender tools creating tight coils of hair that are ruffed up and puffed up and yet kept curly more than frizzy forming a soft swell around the head.
The natural, neutral beige-blonde tones make a perfect color for the imitation of the snuggly furs, and the pinked cheeks bring to mind a windburned face. Use a dab of hairspray and a gentle hand to keep the curls intact on your own "snow queen" style.
Collection: Unleashed
Hair: Asif Yvette Artistic Team
Make-up: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
Art Direction: Richard Miles
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