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Warm and Cool Tones

A colorful, rich and yet natural color play made up of warm and cool natural tones. Earthy brown, intensive gold, multi-dimensional copper and unseen sandalwood characterize this trend. The strong and authentic background foundation color is portrayed by the skillful placement of color details, especially developed for this trend. The result is a combination of cosmopolitan style with confident casualness and positive spirit.
These styles reflect the naturalness and texture in a dynamic movement. Focus is on customized, individual styles created through an especially developed graduated cutting technique - the 70/30 cutting method. This technique involves the point-cut-technique. Point-cut 70% of the hair in one mesh and leave the remaining 30% of the hair the same length in the same mesh. This ratio can also be reversed where 30% of the hair is cut much shorter and 70% is only cut slightly.
Goldwell "Ecopolitan Texture Gum" puts the cut and the color of every Ecopolitan into the spotlight. The melting gum with fibre effect enables an artistic sculpting of the hair and adds massive texture to it.
Natural hair colors
Collection: The Futuretec Collection
Hairstyle: Goldwell