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Prefectly Smooth Hair

The color shades especially designed for the Virtualist trend show a high quality and pure clear background foundation color with virtual, translucent accents. Pastel color graduations of smokey grey and progressive silver, soft violet tones through to ice blue shimmers give blonde and brown backgrounds a mystic-virtual haze with a new metallic touch.
Inspired by armors and helmets the key to these individual hairstyles are clear, round forms - precise and compact and perfectly smooth and polished. Important characteristics are individual, disconnected sections and round, organic silhouettes with architectural geometric exteriors.
Goldwell "Virtualist Sleek Cream Paste" is a must-have for the sleek, shining look of every Virtuatlist fan. A controlled, defined look with a smooth surface perfectly enhances the combination of the exceptional hair color and cut.
Long hair with disconnected sections
Collection: The Futuretec Collection
Hairstyle: Goldwell