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Disarmingly Boyish

"Disarmingly boyish" is one way to describe the hairstyle shown here. The fully layered look is cut using a razor tool on wavy hair and creates a very fine-textured look. The lengths are varied only slightly, with the middle range length in the top and crown sections of the head and a tapering along the sides. The nape section is left longest, but not so long that it creates a "mullet" effect (or at least not a classic one).
Using a blow-dryer and round brush with a wax-based styling product, the hair is styled to curve inward at the top and sides and flipped outward along the rear portions of the head. The hair is styled to a "mostly dry" state, allowing the hair to retain a glossy, damp look. Use a smoothing serum on the fingers, the hair is given added definition in the strands and extra shine.
Collection: Tiebreaker
Hair: Ashley Gamble at Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Grooming: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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