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Super Short Hairstyle

In many cases, the super short hairstyles or pixies we see women sporting are referred to as "gamine" or "boyish" depending on whether or not you are prone to using French terms in conversation.
Yet this cut isn't just a "boyish" cut, it is effectively a classic men's haircut called the Princeton or Collegiate cut. It is notable for its short and tapered back and sides and the progressively increasing length from back to front in the crown and top sections.
What makes this cut different is the added texturing that is done to give a lighter feel to the style. Styling consists of a blow-out with a texturing product for fullness and to create the softened silhouette.
Tapered short haircut for women Boyish short hairstyle Pixie cut with very short sides
Collection: Summer Hairstyles
Hairstyle: Guys and Dolls Hairforce - Denmark
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