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Straightforward Short Hairstyle

This bold look suits best the woman who knows her own mind. She likes things simple and straightforward. The haircut is a long wedge-cut with the weighty area dropped to the ear level. The ends are layered to fall smoothly and create the soft silhouette, and the foreground features a fringe that is long and expressive in its versatility.
Shown here, the fringe is parted along the left side of the top section and styled to give the face a gentle caress as it creates the teardrop frame of the eyes. The ends are long enough to tuck behind the ears for a neater appearance (or just to keep them occupied) while you work.
Short hairstyle for a bold look Hairstyle with ear level length hair Short wedge-cut hairstyle with a long fringe
Collection: Summer Hairstyles
Hairstyle: Guys and Dolls Hairforce
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