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Feminine, colorful and cheerful - the 70s with the wild patterns on their hippie chic are in high demand this summer. Expressive colors and graphic shapes that are inspired by Pucci and Biba combine expressive patterns and prints. Color and geometry create a wearable, modern and sexy look.
The haircut is defined by a concave inner shape, a tapered external section and asymmetrical contours. "Altered Shades" was chosen by color expert Tracy Hayes as the absolute "must have" of this new style: a half moon shaped area underneath the top hair is colored with the Igora trend color charcoal grey.
The contours shine in an intense violet and white blonde and they are surrounded by a cool blonde. OSiS Surf Up sea breeze is the ideal finish for this summer cut.
Collection: Street-Life and Hollywood-Glamour
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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