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Rocker Girl

The rough side of femininity mixes with rebellious rock'n roll and the courage to be different. The spirit of Elvis reemerges: retro mood, narrow waistlines, and tight jeans. A look to wear for all who are strong enough. Making statements with tousled hair and pouty lips.
"Rocker Girl" is a haircut with very irregular texture. Short inner sections and extreme lengths on the outside appear very soft and disheveled. The hair is reshaped using the Golden Loop technique and is allowed to wriggle. This technique uses curlers of different diameters and is brought together with soft golden tones.
The trend colors by Igora enable "warm glows", for example the Igora Color Gloss / Igora Personality coffee brown or medium brown. Volume is created with Natural Styling Move Up and OSiS Flexx flexible foam guarantees hold.
Collection: Street-Life and Hollywood-Glamour
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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