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Independent, Playful, Bold

The extreme opposite to super-soft feminine looks, masculine styles infiltrated the season's runways. Wear this hairstyle with confidence to exude a young and funky vibe.
Cut & Color:
The edgy look is accomplished through a cut focused on triangular disconnection. With a haircut this serious, the color needs to match. This EC lustre color is a violet brown base with vibrant purple accents.

Styling tip:
Towel dry the hair. Work NO TIME FLAT throughout the hair for control. Style the sides down in the natural direction of growth. Then, it's time to get playful. The centre hair can be flat and smooth or lifted to emphasize the texture. Work BRILLIANTINE throughout the hair for texture and shine. Once the desired look is achieved, mist with TO THE EDGE.
Collection: Spring Hair Fashion
Hairstyle: EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas Artistic Team
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