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Embrace Your Curls

Cut & Color:
This hairstyle is designed to accentuate asymmetric texture on curly hair. The color blend consists of a rich mahogany brown base with dark copper mahogany blond accents.

How to get the look:
To achieve this stacked curl with asymmetry look, begin by pampering your curls in the shower. Comb out tangles with conditioner in the shower so you do not disturb the curl when styling.
Towel dry the hair without separating the curl. Mix together equal dime size amounts of FAT FREE and NO TIME FLAT. Rope the product through the hair, and scrunch to accentuate the weight and stacking effect. Diffuse the hair using the diffuser included with the ZIRCONIA Ionic Dryer. When the hair is almost dry, finish with a small amount of NO TIME FLAT to seal the ends and spray some TO THE EDGE from underneath to maintain the volume.
Collection: Spring Hair Fashion
Hairstyle: EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas Artistic Team
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