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Pixie-Style Haircut

This hairstyle is actually closely related to the angled bob of the previous look. While it's obviously not an angled bob cut, the cut is asymmetrical, deeply tapered with over-directed elements, and custom tailored to suit the individual. The base is a pixie-style cut whose perimeter follows around the ears and down low on the neck. The sides taper along the cheek and the edges of the perimeter are point cut to give a soft texture to the lines and angles of the cut.
The curved fringe arches over the left eye and sweeps down across the right brow to emphasize the asymmetry of the style. With the bulk of the hair kept in the crown and along the parietal ridge we have plenty of hair to play with when styling. This is apparent in the views shown in the photos.
The large photo shows a sleek, sedate finish perfect for an elegant function, while the smaller clickable photo shows how easily the look can be "energized" taking advantage of the layering and texturing by adding a touch of sculpting paste and working it through the hair.
Pixie with layering and texturing
Collection: Spoon Shape
Hairstyle: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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