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Angled Bob

This is coiffure as couture. The warm auburn tones of the hair color give an inviting glow to the satiny finish of the style. The cut is an asymmetrical, angled bob with a concave nape area to hug close to the curve as the back of the skull merges with the neck. The nape perimeter is cut into a softened oval and the nape layers are elongated and smoothly blended into the weight line of the bob's angle.
An angled parting on the left leads into side-swept bangs and the shorter side of the asymmetrical style. The edges along the sides are carefully textured and shaped to give a tailored sweep to frame the face. It is a style and cut that are tailored to the individual - there is no "cookie-cutter look" here.
Short bob cut for auburn hair Short hair and buttoned blouse collar Bob haircut with one shorter side
Collection: Spoon Shape
Hairstyle: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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