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Fringe Encircling One Eye

Here we see an elongated and asymmetrical layered short hair style in which the side and nape sections smoothly taper to softened edges and accentuating curves. The weight of this cut is maintained in the crown section and along the parietal ridge, and the off-center "burst" parting creates a soft curve of hair within the fringe and right side of the style.
Speaking of the fringe, it is cut in a sharply twisting "s" to encircle one eye while creating a sheer veil for the other. The ends of the fringe section are heavily textured to give a feathery finish and blend smoothly into the sides of the cut. Both the bulkier right side and the slimmer left are feathered with a razor tool to create soft tapers framing the cheek and jaw. The soft, champagne blonde color adds its own softness and provides a classy glow to the hair.
Short haircut with tapered side and nape sections
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Collection: Spoon Shape
Hairstyle: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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