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Cropped Sides and Back

Don't let the soft light fool you. This short haircut is intense, bold and displays a delicious extravagance. However bringing all these contrasts together - the very short, cropped sides and back with a precision cut contour that frames the face in a perfectly round curve from one ear to the other, just to be topped by a lava flow of longer hair that forms a large S all the way from the crown, over one eye to the right cheekbone - results in a style full of surprising harmony.
The romance comes in with a light vanilla blonde that is, in order to not be too sweet, balanced with sections in a cool metallic silver and light graphite tone.
Styling tip: Use small natural brush or comb to style hair forward, use wax on top and on sides to keep flexibility while adding strong hold.
Collection: Sexy Glam
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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