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Short Hairstyle with Soft Layers

Soft layers and radiant color come together to create this asymmetrical, delicate and beautiful short hairstyle.
Tapering in the nape gives the back layers an extra lift and assures that most of the volume of this look is on the crown and in the back.
The color is a play of several blonde tones with hues in gold, strawberry blonde to a more intense berry tone at the side of the face.
To get this dynamic asymmetrical shape the bangs fall from a high anchor point across the forehead in a curve that meets the side line in a charming curve. Styling tip: A little teasing in the back and crown areas assures the fluffy volume. Hold it all together with a mist of hairspray.
Collection: Sexy Glam
Hairstyle: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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