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New Faith

The "New Faith" look is defined by simple cuts with straight lines. The actress who most represents this style is Kate Bosworth. Her lifestyle is defined by hard work and reserve. The New Faith hairstyle offers a new take on the classic bob. Rather than the shorter versions of the bob in the past, this hairstyle is now worn a bit longer, from chin to shoulder length.
The hair frames the face and is controlled with less volume. Parts can be on either side and one side can be tucked behind the ear for a fresher look and more geometric shaping. A punk rock variation offers shaved undersides, short nape, and a top layer that is extra long.
This haircut offers many styling options, such as away from the face, blow dried and messy, or a bit punky. The colors of this style are metallic, giving it an extra glimmer.
Collection: Looks for You
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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