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Caravan Glam

The "Caravan Glam" hairstyle can only be pulled off by those individuals that are extremely independent. The long look is wild and split between wanting a life in the big city and dreaming of nature. The hairstyle is always casual and never out of place, if worn correctly. Kate Moss is the ultimate example of pulling of the Caravan Glam style. The color and the cut must be absolutely perfect in order to pull off this look well.
Each strand of hair must have a variance in color. The colors will look as if they have grown out a bit, but never quite reach the roots of the hair. Various layers throughout the long hair give it body. To style, a blow dryer with a round brush are used, giving it a soft and subtle wave. Bangs can be worn any number of ways, from long to short, the individual will choose her own unique way of wearing them.
Collection: Looks for You
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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