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Nature's Divine

This is the year of the real woman. No longer are the anorexic, thin girls sought after, but rather those women that are full bodied, with personality and temperament are the most desirable. Women who seek the "nature's divine" look are truly acceptant of their femininity. Her hair is simply an extension of the way she views life, healthy and natural.
The style flows long below the shoulders. This represents a fullness and richness that the truly natural woman desires. Colors for this look should be natural as well, from light browns to black, the color should represent the natural skin tones. The key to pulling off this hairstyle is the feel.
The hair must fall naturally around your shoulders and look as if it is hard to control. Gentle curls and waves are essential to pulling off the look, so rollers or a curling iron must be used. For those women that do not like curls, they can wear the style straight and turn the ends in.
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Photo: Schwarzkopf
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