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Updo with Romantic Curls

Nothing is more charming and romantic than an updo teeming with playful curls and waves. The special touch with this hairstyle is the loose and light treatment of the hair, which leads to the impression of a natural flow in organic shapes. No pins are visible and all looks as if it were created by merely the wind and the waves of the ocean. A most elegant look for the mermaids of today.
After the sides and the back sections were lifted up, coiled and invisibly pinned, the ends of the hair were shaped with a curling iron and arranged in a harmonious pattern on the crown and towards the nape. The color of the hair also has a very natural hue of darker ash blonde and light, shiny honey accents.
Collection: Hairstyles Created by COIFF1RST
Hairstyle: COIFF1RST - Paris
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