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Depth and Visual Interest

The warm, almost-natural effect of the blending of the colors in this look creates depth and visual interest for the simple hairstyle. The outline of the style features clean, sharp lines and the styling offers some versatility in the look as evidenced by the two photos shown above. The accentuating elements emphasize the line of the neck by dropping vertical lines before and after the ear to follow the lines of the musculature.
The styling is sleek and smooth, designed to enhance the contours of the layering and emphasize the satin finish of the hair. The subtle variation in color in the base tone above is enhanced by the bold, bright swath of golden orange highlighting. The combination brings out the look of the more natural base tones and emphasizes the almost wood-grain dimension.
Clean sharp haircut with color variations
Collection: Hipsedelic
Hair: Cristiano Leuzz
Color: Alessio Giorgi
Make-up: Big Carla
Photography: Alessandro Maggi
Collection created by: Santilli System Artistic Team
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