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Extremely Asymmetrical Cut

This extremely asymmetrical cut is characterized by razor-sharp edges and smooth, curving lines that compliment the silky, smooth styling of the hair. With accentuating elements, such as the feathery drape along the right cheek as part of the fringe and the framing bends behind the ears, the style seems to conform to the head in a most organic fashion.
The color effects are vibrant, yet not overpowering, instead acting as an iridescent glow off the high sheen of the hair's finish. The tones of peacock blue and wine red give depth and dimension to the otherwise inky depths of the onyx color base.
Hair with silky smooth styling
Collection: Hipsedelic
Hair: Cristiano Leuzz
Color: Alessio Giorgi
Make-up: Big Carla
Photography: Alessandro Maggi
Collection created by: Santilli System Artistic Team
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