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Piled High Updo

Creating a chic, sophisticated style with elegance and pizzazz is a piece of cake, if we begin with the loose, flowing curls of the style shown in hairstyle four and convert them into the piled high up-style shown here.
Taking the sides and back sections and drawing them close into a tight upward twist, the hair is stacked in a vertical cone. The crown and top sections are guided into a gentle swirl that provides its own support and enhancement. Supported by hairpins and back-combed hair strands, the hair forms a tower or texture and softly variant color to reflect and refract light.
A sparse misting of hairspray will allow you to redefine the curls and will give the towering arrangement more hold.
Collection: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson
Hair: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson at Harrington Robertson, Leicestershire
Styling: Harrington Robertson Artistic Team
Make-up: Heather White
Photography: Richard Miles
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