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Pseudo Chignon Hairstyle

Just as with hairstyle two, this is a style with little to no volume at the scalp. The difference comes in as the hair is drawn back along the scalp to be secured at the nape of the neck in a pseudo chignon style.
By starting from the base styling techniques of the previous look (in hairstyle two) the hair can be easily converted to this updo, by drawing the hair back to the nape and securing it at this location. A misting of hairspray and gentle scrunching with the fingers will help to redefine the curls at the ends of the hair, and to minimize the frizz that could come as a result of the extra manipulation of the curl.
Collection: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson
Hair: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson at Harrington Robertson, Leicestershire
Styling: Harrington Robertson Artistic Team
Make-up: Heather White
Photography: Richard Miles
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