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Partial Up-Style

If we reflect back to hairstyle one, we see the same model here, but with a distinctly different look. This is a partial up-style where the back half of the top section, the crown section and the upper portion of the nape are back combed and shaped into a swell of hair, and the ends are secured at the nape.
The forward portion of the top section is parted on the left and smoothed around to cling to the scalp and blend with the right side section. The portion on the left of the part is smoothed into the left side section and the two sides are further smoothed and directed to blend into the remaining hair.
The gathering point at the nape is secured using the accessory of choice and then camouflaged by wrapping it with a tendril of hair. The remaining tail of hair is brushed smooth and draped around the neck and shoulder. Smoothing balm and serum can be used to assure the hair stays smooth and frizz-free.
Collection: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson
Hair: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson at Harrington Robertson, Leicestershire
Styling: Harrington Robertson Artistic Team
Make-up: Heather White
Photography: Richard Miles
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