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Sexy Sophisticated Look

While most women extol the virtues of long hair - citing as a primary reason the sensuality length offers - I find that short hair is just as sensual and far less cumbersome. This lovely, beige-blonde razor cut is inarguably a sexy, sophisticated look.
The angled fringe is steeply textured and the ends are lightly layered to soften the hard line normally associated with the bob-type cut. Styling involves a blow-dryer and round brush - to smooth out the hair and create the gentle, outward bend in the ends of the hair. A firm-hold styling product and smoothing balms are important for structure and texture.
Collection: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson
Hair: Jackie Harrington & Jo Robertson at Harrington Robertson, Leicestershire
Styling: Harrington Robertson Artistic Team
Make-up: Heather White
Photography: Richard Miles
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