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Modern Men's Haircut

This modern, stylish men's haircut combines elements from several classic men's looks. The hair is tapered at the temple and around the ears, while the layering in the nape and crown is even and ends in a blocked off, finish that is beveled to a round edge.
The top section graduates to a longer fringe, as in the collegiate cut, but the whole is textured with a feathering technique that makes it possible to create the cockscomb effect shown here.
Style the look with mousse and sculpting paste in conjunction with your blow-dryer and brush. A extra dab of wax at the finish will draw the tips of the fringe upward to peak at the forehead.
Men's hairstyle with the hair cut around the ears
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Collection: Autumn-Winter Hairstyles
Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: L. Drouen
Photography: G-M. Zimmermann
Styling: A. Tesson
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