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Tapered Short Hairstyle

As a precursor to the previous look, this short haircut is an extreme version of the collegiate cut, known as a devil-lock style. The sides, crown and nape are all tapered sharply, but the top section not only graduates, but extends beyond the forehead to nearly chin length in front. This allows the creation of a curtain of fringe to provide a dramatic effect.
The hair color is a rich mahogany brown, highlighted with a burnished copper tone. Blow-dry the hair straight and create smoothness and definition in the hair using a smoothing balm to keep the satiny luster.
Collection: Autumn-Winter Hairstyles
Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: L. Drouen
Photography: G-M. Zimmermann
Styling: A. Tesson
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