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Glow and glamour - this trend is high on the list. Excessive shapes and many accessories characterize this look that will brighten up the clubs and bars of the cities during the long nights of the spring and summer season. Sparkling fabrics, great outfits, flashy, big jewelry - no matter what time of day or night, the glam girls are perfectly styled for the next party.
The chin length hair gets much movement and a "swinging" look with its textured layers. Mixing of cool and pastel tones results in an iridescent nude look, that increases the glam factor.
The lips are drenched in rose colored gloss and heavy mascara gives sultry expression to the eyes. In addition the eyes are accentuated with shine, metallic golden pigments. This look is always glamorous, even when the party is over.
Collection: The Glamour Collection
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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