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City Slicker

Daily life in the city becomes irresistible! This look for metropolitan women is strong, but at the same time feminine. Clear shapes mix with playful contours to create a perfect urban street style: pantsuits are combined with sexy shorts and scarves are the new uniform for all who know what they want.
The compact and expressive fringe gives this hair its character. Irregularly placed, longer sections provide structure to the look. The cut can be styled individually - from elegant to casual, there are no limits to the variations. Lighter passes, for example copper effects, bring texture to the dark brown and chocolate hues; at the same time they pronounce the shape of the cut.
The pale skin of the City Slicker is best matched with natural lips, mascara and metallic color effects on the eyelids. This glam look stands for the motto: "Dare to be different".
Collection: The Glamour Collection
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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