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This trend is marked by an unpretentious, relaxed expectation towards the glamour theme. Purity is a fairy tale of innocence and emphasized tender femininity with flowing fabrics and shapes with minimal structure.
The team of Essential Looks has captured the romantic thought of glamour and turned it into a quiet statement. Transparent tulle and chiffon wrap around feminine shapes. Plain cocktail dresses in pastel colors are the epitome for the unobtrusive glamour of Purity.
Flowing bangs, the soft layers in the nape and long sections on the sides take this girlish glamour to perfection.
The color picks up one of the biggest themes of the fashion weeks and boasts soft water colors. Gentle, flowing pastel notes in nuances of violet bring lightness and movement to the complete look. Hues that lighten and soften towards the ends tease the eye and provide an element of surprise to the look. Natural lips and eyes accentuated with kajal are the matching make-up for this romantic style.
Collection: The Glamour Collection
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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