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Beat Girl

Beat Girl takes us back to the 60s, but this look has nothing in common with sweet baby dolls. Clear cuts and contours represent the new elegance, which makes this 60s look cool, with an effortless appearance. In the new season, the "IT Girls" wear new retro styled fashion.
Metallic colors and strong futuristic materials - this is pure Carnaby Street Chic! The hair is cut short. The colors for "Beat Girls" are brown and blonde, accentuated with darker tones like black. This mix enables depth, contrasts and texture in the strongly textured contours.
The commercial variation shows the typical, clear lines of the classic sixties bob and heavy, graphical bangs, which appear in many of this season's cuts. Chilled, crystalline blond tones are the right choice for "Beat Girls".
sixties bob
Collection: The Fusion Collection
Photo: Schwarzkopf
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