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Upstyle with Soft Curls

Our model here is also sporting the Balmain Elegance hairpieces from the Bordeaux and Cannes style with large soft curls.
Here the natural hair is smoothed back in a simple, smooth finish with loose fringe, and the hairpieces are used to create a short fall of curls for a playful look, that is suitable for an evening out or a more casual party with friends.
As always with the Balmain Elegance pieces, you can get a fashionable look without spending all day creating it.
Collection: Elegance
Copyright: Balmain Hair
Hair Team: Steven Goldsworthy, Vicky Turner, Jason Smith, Daniella Chivers, Vicky Chadwick
Make-up: Lucy Pook
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photography: Jim Crone
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