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Upstyle with Hairpieces

In this photo we have the loose curls of the Bordeaux (short length) and Cannes (long length) of the Balmian Elegance hairpiece collection. Our model is sporting a combination of the two hairpieces to create this balanced, but stylish and romantic, asymmetrical upstyle.
By offering a variety of sizes of curled hairpieces, Balmain gives you to the tools to mix and match, creating natural-looking hairstyles without needing to spend an afternoon in the stylist's chair.
Collection: Elegance
Copyright: Balmain Hair
Hair Team: Steven Goldsworthy, Vicky Turner, Jason Smith, Daniella Chivers, Vicky Chadwick
Make-up: Lucy Pook
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photography: Jim Crone
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