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Braided Hairstyle

Once again, the St. Tropez hairpiece from the Balmain Elegance collection offers a classic looking braid style. The braided knot pairs with the longer braided rope and gives a classy, old-world look with modern elegance and clean, ornate lines.
Thanks to the wide array of color choices, virtually any hair can be matched and look natural. Here we see the hairstyle incorporating the rope braid as a coronet across the top of the head, while the braided knot anchors the balance of the hair.
Collection: Elegance
Copyright: Balmain Hair
Hair Team: Steven Goldsworthy, Vicky Turner, Jason Smith, Daniella Chivers, Vicky Chadwick
Make-up: Lucy Pook
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photography: Jim Crone
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