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Braided Knot

If you've ever wanted to have one of those intricately knotted upstyles, but never thought it possible for you, whether because you didn't have enough hair, or didn't have the skill to create one, take a look at the St. Tropez hairpiece in the Balmain Elegance collection.
This braided knot of hair comes ready-made and ready to attach so that you, too, can have an ornate looking hairstyle without needing to be an expert hairstylist or pay a fortune to someone who is.
Collection: Elegance
Copyright: Balmain Hair
Hair Team: Steven Goldsworthy, Vicky Turner, Jason Smith, Daniella Chivers, Vicky Chadwick
Make-up: Lucy Pook
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photography: Jim Crone
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