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Couleur et Création by Intermède

Intermède entices onlookers with their eclectic collection of straight lines of cropped haircuts. Clear blondes and a coppery red fill the air with a voltaic atmosphere. There is also a fashionable coiffure for the young. Explore Intermède's world of designs to give you a fresh inspiration.
  • hairstyle for short blonde hair
  • hair cropped along the nape
  • short haircut with covered eyebrows
  • pixie with short bangs
  • short sexy haircut
  • short spiked hair
  • young men's hairstyle
  • short haircut with long bangs
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Hairstyles: Intermède
Artistic Director: William Lepec
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Styling: Stéphanie Brissay
Photography: Jean-François Verganti
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