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Short Haircut & Length in the Top

This layered short haircut is created with a very shallow layering which creates dramatic length in the top and crown sections and tapering length along the sides and nape areas. Drawing the hair back to the nape area helps to create the proper variance in the lengths as shown. The cutting guide can be stationary, but the direction and elevation (or specifically the lack of elevation) is the key factor.
Styling consists of a blow-dry style to create lift at the scalp and allow the building of volume. Use firm hold styling gel on damp hair and comb it through before drying. The sides and back are kept smooth and close to the scalp as a contrasting element of the style.
Using a large round brush, the hair is sculpted into a soft, blown-out wave. Finish the look with a light misting of hairspray and the fingers can be used to separate individual locks and gently pat the hair smooth of fly-away strands.
Collection: Cebado Haircuts
Hair: Cebado
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