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Sweeping Curls

The blend of cool ebony shades and warm sable tones in the color create an interesting interplay of subtle highlighting. The haircut is a classic, long-layered technique allowing for maximum fullness and movement in the hair.
Styling is all about the volume, with maximum lift and huge, sweeping curls creating a sultry, romantic look. The look can be achieved using a blow-dry method with a large-barrel iron to give shape to the curl, or you can create long-lasting curl and lift using a wet set with super-large tools overloaded and gently air-dried to prevent frizz.
Once the curl is set, use a large-tooth comb, a pick or the fingers to arrange the hairstyle and mist with hairspray and gently scrunch to add definition.
Collection: Cebado Haircuts
Hair: Cebado
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