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70s Men's Look

On the whole, the hairstyle is a simple, clean look reminiscent of the classic men's looks in the 70s. The fringe is cut to just below the brow, the sides are angled along the bottom of the ears and an elongated nape section is blunt cut with interior layers to create a smooth tapered finish.
The texturing in this hairstyle is ultra-fine to the point of seeming non existing. The weight of the haircut falls to just below the parietal ridge, and the lower layers taper smoothly to that point.
The color is a warm coffee color, with high gloss finish. Styling is achieved with a blow-dryer and flat brush using a smoothing balm and glossing serum. An added touch of pomade afterward can be worked through with the fingers to give some definition to the style.
Collection: Cebado Haircuts
Hair: Cebado
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